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The practice of Astrology cannot be done in a disassociation with the understanding of The Myth of Gulika can be found in the Tamil folklore.

Snakes are expected to adapt to the pace of the year very quickly. If they are able to communicate well and stay committed, they will certainly enjoy a rise in success rate. However, the year may not be ideal for Snakes to invest in new ventures. It will be a mediocre year financially so they have to be more conservative.

Peach Blossom luck is not particularly strong for Snakes in the year of the Rat. Those who are single may face difficulty when seeking potential partners.

Personality and characteristics

They will still meet new people but the chances of meeting their significant others are low. Snakes who are married or romantically committed will have a steady year. They must settle their differences quickly and be brave enough to speak out as keeping their emotions bottled up can lead to some problems. The financial outlook of Snakes for the Year of the Rat are average. They have a good chance of improving from the previous year, but an unlucky star lurking over the horizon.

This means that it is also possible for them to suffer small financial losses. Snakes are also advised to avert from making big investment decisions within the year and learn to save up instead. Snakes should be alert for robbers during the months of May and December. The career luck for Snakes in the year of the Rat is average at best. They must work harder than usual while learning to be a team player.

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Snakes should avoid making drastic changes in their career during the year and wait until the following year. There might also be tension and conflict with colleagues or superiors but someone will help to calm the situation. Snakes will be susceptible to common diseases such as colds, flu, or stomach aches in the year of the Rat. Their health should not be a big concern if they remember to be mindful of what they eat and exercise regularly. The unlucky months in health are February, June, and December. Snakes should watch out for home accidents in May. Your email address will not be published.

New Year is a festival to celebrate the beginning of the year. On the traditional Chinese calendar, the year begins when the new moon appears. This site aims to provide you with useful information to prepare for the coming Chinese New Year , including the Chinese zodiac, traditions, and festivities. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Contents 1 Personality and traits 2 Snake compatibility 2.

Was this Helpful? Yes No. He cares quite adequately, loves to make compliments and give inexpensive, but exquisite gifts.

Earth Snake is a faithful man, will not change his chosen one neither before the wedding, nor after. He is a fine family man, he is a skillful farmer. The second half can without fear entrust to him the duty to follow the family budget. Nature has awarded women of this sign with wisdom and patience.

They are completely devoid of vanity, prefer to engage in ordinary affairs. Do not dream of great wealth and high office.

They prefer to work honestly, without being distracted by the dreams of great achievements. Although they could if they wish to realize any of their dreams, they have all the data for this. Earth Snake is a clever, hardworking woman, therefore she enjoys great respect from her colleagues. It is she who is entrusted with the most difficult tasks with which she copes brilliantly.

And she does not expect praise, she works for the common good. Earth Snake is an excellent professional, to her opinion the most important bosses listen. For any man, Earth Snake is just a treasure, this is a real woman: soft, kind, sympathetic. In relations with the opposite sex shows natural wisdom, tries to adapt to the interests of a partner, but also does not forget about himself.

She prefers intelligent, educated men, and too frivolous admirer does not suit her.

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This is a great lover of romance, you should not consider her boring, down-to-earth person. Getting married, becomes just an ideal wife. A lot of time is devoted to the family, and does not bother with the role of an exemplary housewife. She adores her husband, adores children, is ready for any sacrifice for their sake, but she will not tolerate lies and treason. Chinese Sign Calculator Date of Birth: Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Install Horoscope Apps.

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