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The practice of Astrology cannot be done in a disassociation with the understanding of The Myth of Gulika can be found in the Tamil folklore.

The angular houses are similar to cardinal signs where the onset of a new season begins, around which everything revolves. The succedent houses are similar to fixed signs where seasons are stable and continuing, the consequence of the season having begun.

This Often-Ignored Spot on Your Astrological Chart Can Maybe Reveal Your Destiny, NBD

Since the tropical zodiac is tied to the equinoxes and solstices, it can be used virtually forever no matter how much the stars in constellations shift. This makes the tropical zodiac a reliable frame of reference from which to judge the wobbling of the angles. The unchanging nature of the tropical zodiac gives its interrelationships a kind of eternal archetypal significance. But the variable nature of the angles reflect an element of indeterminacy. This is pretty close to the way Lots are conceptualized against natal planetary placements, and looking at the Midheaven as a kind of Lot is not without precedent.

The angular 10th would be times when were are doing our most important work, at our most active, visible, and influential. So if the MC falls in a house other than the 10th, then other parts of this narrative may become more central. For other people, their period of greatest acclaim might only come after having accomplished their main actions in relative obscurity. Sort of like how a meal is comprised of appetizers, a main course and a dessert. The main course will always be the core of the meal, but maybe you enjoyed the appetizers the most.

Or another person thought the dessert was better than everything else. His career as an engineer, test pilot and astronaut was not just what preceded his global fame as the first human being to land on the Moon, it was the most important and active period in his life. Nothing he did afterward could quite compare to everything that led up to that. Pisces 10th — His resulting global fame was the result of the culmination of his preparation as an astronaut. This is represented by the Whole Sign 10th in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter in Cancer 2nd in mutual reception with the Moon in Sagittarius 7th.

He returned to Earth a hero, with many opportunities for financial gain, sitting on the boards of many companies. He left NASA, moved away to a farm, became a college professor and tried as best he could to live a somewhat more normal life. This is interesting because the Moon is in the Sagittarius 7th, a place of exile, and so in a sense he exiled himself away in the ivory tower of academia, away from the glare of international celebrity.

This would theoretically be shown by the ruler of his Aries 11th, a post-angular phase ruled by Mars in Gemini 1st. So we can see how the 9th, 10th and 11th give a basic outline of his time as an adult. And while the 10th house shows he was destined for popularity, prosperity and comfort, the MC in the 9th shows us it was really the first part that was most active, what mattered most to him and what he was ultimately most known for.

He was an objectively brilliant engineer, so appropriately Mercury is in its best sign of Virgo, ruling his Ascendant. He was also known for being modest, practical and humble, which are all very Virgoan adjectives. He was also strongly influenced by his father who took him to airshows and took him for his first airplane ride and got him flying lessons.

Astrology - Midheaven - VIRGO

This kind of flexibility, transience or flux in the home is likely how an astrologer would interpret a mutable 4th house with Mercury. He was described by his siblings as someone who was always in some corner of the house reading, surrounded by books and it was his mother who encouraged his reading and learning, and Mercury is after all, the planet of language, reading and writing.

This is usually associated with siblings, but I think the way it showed up for Armstrong was through his close formative friendships and leadership in the local Scouts troop. Armstrong was no ordinary Scout, achieving the status of Eagle Scout at age For decades, Neil Armstrong wrote letters to congratulate new Eagle Scouts.

Sign Emphasis

Rowling, she has disclosed that she was born when Aquarius was Rising. For the entire time Aquarius rose in her birthplace on the day of her birth, the Midheaven was in Sagittarius, the 11th Whole Sign House. Mars was present in Libra and ruled by a fallen Venus in Virgo in the 8th House. This suggests that her young adult years would be difficult, full of frustrations and tainted benefits. She was a nobody, a destitute single mother filing restraining orders against an abusive ex-husband. She felt that she was a failure since graduating from university.

In the midst of all this, she began to write. Her Mercury in Virgo is the final dispositor of her Mars and Venus. Neptune was present in Scorpio and ruled by Mars in Libra 9th. Her actions revolved around diving deep into the creation of the magical fantasy world of Harry Potter. She was still largely in the same situation as before, and this can be seen by the fact that the ruler of the 10th is in the 9th, suggesting continuity between these periods.

She also struggled to get her book published, having her first Harry Potter book rejected by 12 different publishers. This is also suggested by Mars in the 9th. And just as before, the final dispositor of her Mars is Mercury in Virgo, showing the role that language and writing had in what she does.

It is ruled by Jupiter in Gemini 5th, conjunct her IC. This shows that the consequences of her actions would be fortunate, and that they revolved around the topic of children and youth. They would also be of a literary nature with Jupiter in Gemini ruled by Mercury in Virgo. And so it was that her Harry Potter fantasy series for kids and teens became incredibly successful and a veritable global phenomenon. Jupiter also rules her 2nd house of money and possessions, and she has become one of the richest authors who ever lived.

The 11th house also has connotations of alliances, groups and networks, and she founded Lumos , a charity which promotes an end to the institutionalization of children worldwide. This again underscores the topical association of the 11th house and its ruler in the 5th house of children. Her childhood and teenage years were unhappy. Her inherited foundations were not well supported.

Her mother was sick for most of the time and she is no longer even on speaking terms with her father, who now tries to profit from her accomplishments. At the same time, since it contains Jupiter, the ruler of her MC, we can also see how she is famous among young people for her books.


Midheaven in Virgo

On Twitter and on Pottermore she has demonstrated a genuine affection for her fans. She has taken on a kind of parental or stewardly role toward the next generation, advocating for youth and children, and many other political causes typically shared by her fans. This would suggest being a mediator of sorts, especially with the general public, of or relating to the topic of relationships. Interestingly in this article about what Prince William and Kate Middleton do all day , there is a list of their royal duties:.

Product added! Browse Wishlist. The product is already in the wishlist! Possible Solutions Narrow down the career path Separate interests that will always be hobbies from interests that have career potential Pick one interest to pursue and stick to it Ask: What is my ultimate goal and how do I get there? Visualize the end result Assess current skills More education- is it necessary? Find someone who is doing what I want to do and ask them how they did it directly from the book Create a step by step guide to reach the ultimate goal- with a time frame Set small, realistic goals along the way Tap into Gemini energy and build a career network Talk to everyone who is doing something vaguely similar to what I want to do Stop doing everything except focusing on career objectives Calm the mind.

Midheaven Keywords. Authorities The Authoritative Parent Why people look up to you. Recommended Reading. Direction and Destiny in the Birth Chart. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. My midheaven is in Virgo and the only thing about me that fits the description in the article is that I do like to help people and that I do like flexibility. But seriously, wow. Finding that I have a Scorpio midheaven … explains a fair bit, to say the least. I love these kinds of articles— please keep it up!

I always love to learn more about astrology! Related: astrology work. Danielle has written 6 articles for us. You May Also Like You need to login in order to like this post: click here Well THIS was exceptionally interesting and helpful.. Log in to Reply. You need to login in order to like this post: click here Makes sense that my ceres is in aquarius in the 12th house.

You need to login in order to like this post: click here My midheaven is in Virgo and the only thing about me that fits the description in the article is that I do like to help people and that I do like flexibility. You need to login in order to like this post: click here This is so interesting, and definitely something I want to look into further!